Restart Nakama server


this might be a dumb question, but I haven’t found an answer anywhere. Which command do I use to restart a running Nakama server? Right now I’m just restarting the computer, but this is a hassle.
I couldn’t find the answer in the documentations.

thanks in advance!

are you using docker-compose ?

No, but I will switch to docker-compose soon. So do you know how to do it in both situations?

The answer depends on your host OS. If you are on macOS or Linux-based systems, you can generally run:

pkill nakama

to stop the Nakama server. Alternatively you can search for the process ID using:

ps aux | grep nakama

and then stop Nakama using

kill <ps id>

As @Kc-io mentioned, the best way is to use docker-compose to start/stop the container:

Thank you! This will make it easier. I think I’ll switch to docker!