Nakama restart delay

We have a Nakama docker-compose setup (exactly like the example provided in the docs). Right now, we are using Nakama v2.15.0, CockroachDB v20.1.9, and Lua for development.
The problem is that every time we restart Nakama container to reload modules, it takes around 3 minutes for the container to become ready. Is there any consideration for production deployment that I’m missing here or that’s just the way it is?


@mnoroozi The server takes seconds to start up, there’s no reason for it to take minutes unless your own runtime modules create extra work during startup which would need to be completed before the server is ready.

Additionally, docker-compose is not suitable for a production-ready setup. You’re likely restarting both the database and Nakama at the same time (which must start in sequence, not in parallel) and both are running on the same hardware and therefore competing for the same resources. You cannot directly compare docker-compose behaviour with a full production setup.

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Thanks for your response. So this behavior is not normal and probably there is something wrong with my runtime modules. I will look into that. I hope I can find the problem. And I’m grateful for your advice on docker-compose but in my case, I only restart the Nakama container.