Presences not updated correctly on Authorative Match

Hi I’m trying to call _nakamaConnection.currentMatch.Presences in the client side using Unity but it seems that if I’m the one who first created the match _nakamaConnection.currentMatch. Presences will not work or just empty. It is kinda working if I’m not the one created the match but I think it is a bug or not sure if it is intended.
Here are the simplify conditions:

Condition 1: I’m the match creator

  • _nakamaConnection.currentMatch.Presences doesn’t and will not contain anything even if you call it many times.

Condition 2: I’m not the match creator

  • _nakamaConnection.currentMatch.Presences will just contain the previously joined precenses. So newly joined players will not included on this list.
  • As I know that OnReceivedMatchPresence will just notify if someone newly join or leave but how do I get the previous joined user presences in an authorative created match? OnReceivedMatchmakerMatched will not do for me as I’m not using FindMatch to create a match.

Also i’m using authorative match by using matchhandler but I think it has no issue in that.

Is this a bug or intended if i’m using authorative match?

Ok I just figured out a workaround but it’s kinda tricky as _nakamaConnection.currentMatch.Presences is not working properly if you are the match creator while it is ok to use it if you are not the creator to check the previously added players and you need to check the newly added one from the OnReceivedMatchPresence.

@Shuin this is expected behavior, the creator of the match is in the .Self property, for everyone else, you’ll get the currently connected presences from nakamaConnection.currentMatch.Presences, but any join/leave from that point onward is received with the OnReceivedMatchPresence callback.

Hope this clarifies.