Nakama console : What is a "Presence"?

Hi Nakama Team !

I just started using nakama for Unity and i am currently developping a custom Transport to work with Unity Netcode.

From now, everything works fine on the Nakama side (creating session, matches, sending datas between apps…)

But there is something i didn’t actually understand. On the Nakama console, what a “Presence” is supposed to be ? I havn’t saw anything in the documentation. Actually, i get that :

Whene nobody is connected
Session =0
Presence = 0

Whene player 1 created and join a match
Session = 1
Presence = 3

Whene player 2 in the same match
Session = 2
Presence = 6

Is it normal to get so many presences ?
Thanks for your help !

Hi, @katastorm!

Yes, it is normal. You can think of presences as an association of an user with other entities on Nakama that need “state” management (user on a chat, user on a match and so on).

Also, it is mentioned in a few different places, usually when Socket and events processing are needed:

Hope this helps.