Play as guest account delete


Is it possible to delete guest account? because if a person resets his phone, installs the application again and again clicks on play as guest, a new user is made whereas the previous guest account will still be in the database and will not be usable by anyone. How can this be checked?
Please let me know if this is possible


@samuelrichards95 Yes. It is possible to delete user accounts in Nakama. What criteria do you have for the “guest account” to be deleted?

like, check if an account isnt signed in for more than 10 days then delete it
or, if someone uninstalls the application, delete the account

P.S. these conditions would be applied only when the user is a guest and hasn’t linked to any other account

@samuelrichards95 It’s not possible to know when someone has uninstalled an app or game. This isn’t possible on iOS and it’s not possible on Android.

check if an account isnt signed in for more than 10 days then delete it

Yes you can write a custom SQL query and execute it with some kind of background service or cron job to run over the database table of users and delete those which match whatever criteria you want.

There isn’t anything built into Nakama server to do this for you because the game server is specifically not designed for this kind of “guest account” play. There shouldn’t be a reason to remove the player account unless they’ve asked to be deleted or have made a GDPR/Privacy Shield request.