No result is received when using socket.match_data_send(), although messages are received by the server

I am having trouble receiving a response when sending match data from the client (Defold) to a Nakama Authoritative match.

I have created a fresh server using Docker desktop on Windows and followed the official guide. Added a basic match_handler module, which I have got it from Code Samples - Heroic Labs Documentation

Unfortunately, I am unable to get a response when sending match data using socket.match_data_send(). The data is received by the server, gets added to the log and that’s it.

{"level":"debug","ts":"2024-06-10T18:44:20.577Z","caller":"server/pipeline.go:65","msg":"Received *rtapi.Envelope_MatchDataSend message","uid":"13cf1be7-f8b2-4cd2-8e82-c7ca6db52715","sid":"72ec902f-2759-11ef-8069-99837944f4bc","cid":"1","message":{"MatchDataSend":{"match_id":"f4e1fbdd-bda4-4880-a2e8-d1a8f0783178.nakama_1","op_code":10,"data":"WyJUZXN0IERhdGEiXQ=="}}}
  • When socket.match_data_send() is called from a coroutine, the data is successfully sent to the server but no response is returned.
  • When socket.match_data_send() is called using a callback function, the data is successfully sent to the server but the callback function is never invoked.
  • The message was sent to a simple Authoritative match in Nakama server running in local development.
  • I am able to receive messages from the server and listen for socket events e.g. socket.on_error().

I have the following added as dependencies to the Defold project:

  • github . com/heroiclabs/nakama-defold/archive/
  • github . com/defold/extension-websocket/archive/

Nakama server runtime version: 3.22.0

I have tried this on 3 different computers with no luck. I am running out of ideas. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated!

There is an active issue here if you’d like to see what’s going on. Any input is appreciated.