nk.matchCreate error

Hi. after updating Nakama docker image from 3.9.0 to nakama-prerelease:c773c24f I get error when trying to create match from server side.

I using:
Nakama Typescript with rollup bundler
Docker: heroiclabs/nakama-prerelease:c773c24f

Error log:
nakama_1 | {"level":"error","caller":"server/runtime_javascript_logger.go:94","msg":"map[value:error creating match: error creating match: TypeError: Cannot add property matchId, object is not extensible at index.js:172:20(3)]","rpc_id":"get_coop_match"}


Transpiled code (index.js) with error place:

runtime.js_read_only_globals = false inside nakama yaml config solved my issue. Thanks.

@kutsme whilst this is a configurable options (usually used for legacy codebases), disabling this typically shows bad code design and can lead into leaky memory and memory overuse. I’d consider redesigning your code to not use global writable variables.

Thanks, will take a look how I can change my approach