Network is unreachable or no route issue

Hello everyone,

I made a turn based card game and I have a problem with connection.
I run my server in digitalocean servers (ubuntu) and I am getting connection issue when user tried AuthenticateDeviceAsync and client throw exception like this :

Non-fatal Exception:
java.lang.Exception SocketException : Network is unreachable or SocketException : No route to host

It is not reproducible, what’s wrong at my implementation?

My connection flow is;
client = new Client(“http”, ipNumber, 7350, hashCode);

session = await client.AuthenticateDeviceAsync(SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier);

After then I continue other stuff.
This issue not happened every user, sometimes and someone getting this issue.
Btw I experienced this issue at my local network. Not only digitalocean servers.


@volvox I’ve never seen any other reports of this issue. If its local development; are you on Windows? Is it possible you have an antivirus or firewall setup which causes problems with the server traffic in some way?

Were you able to solve the problems on your machine?


I receive same errors from clients right now.
Let me share two screenshot with you. I tried connect to server via ip and domain name. But I saw boh of situations. I dont use any firewall or something like that. My servers landed at Frankfurt digital ocean.

@volvox What version of the Unity client sdk do you use?

@novabyte v2.3.1 and server side version is 2.11.1

@volvox I have no ideas on what could be the problem with your network setup. Are you able to reach the dev console over a web browser?