Nakama vs colyseus

I’ll use nakama for defold. But I was caught in between. What is Nakama more than colyseus?

That’s a good question @gameedeveop. I don’t know much about Colyseus but at a glance I think it doesn’t have a solution for user accounts, leaderboards, tournaments, matchmaking, friends, groups/guilds, or other game services.

As for the multiplayer systems we both have a multiplayer engine that will likely have slight differences in design and approach but you can write your server logic in Nakama with TypeScript, Go, or Lua.

I can probably give more feedback if you can describe the type of game you want to build?

It’s a big project. Like brawl stars

I see, with a project like Brawl Stars you’d need to have a full suite of Liveops, game services (leaderboards, cloud save, inventory, deck management, etc, etc.) as well as the authoritative multiplayer engine with client-side lag compensation techniques.

We’ve used Nakama with Battle Royale and MOBA game types before and have the full suite of game services capabilities you’d need as well. I think if you went with Colyseus you’d probably want to use Nakama for the rest of the features you’d need anyway.

Hope this helps.


I thought so, too.

this is very good news

no, we haven’t started working yet

I trust nakama for back end