Nakama matchmaker with custom query not work

hello I’m doing matchmaker in godot using nakama and an authoritative server, when I use the query = “*” the matchmake works fine, but when I decide to modify this query by var query = “+properties.nextRoundMatch:eedf6992-0f85-4a8a-9a25-624eab40ee95.” it does not work.

and the string_properties = var string_properties = { “nextRoundMatch”: “eedf6992-0f85-4a8a-9a25-624eab40ee95.” }

and the matchmaker:
add_matchmaker_async(query, 2, 4, string_properties),

Hey @lukita4141 could you clarify what you mean by “it does not work”. Does the application hang?

when I say it does not work, it is that when I use the query “*” it joins the game in 20 seconds but when I modify said query I have lasted 10 minutes and it never joins the game

when it joins it calls the senal matchmaker_matched, but when I edit the query it is never called this senal

@lukita4141 Based on your query above I think your issue might be lack of special character escaping in the query string.

Have a look at the query string documentation for our query library, near the bottom of the page there’s an “Escaping” section. Here’s the key part, these characters must be escaped:

"+-=&|><!(){}[]^\"~*?:\\/ " (Note that the list includes the space character and " character too.

Your query might have to look something like this:


in godot it is not possible to put that querry, i put this query
var query = “+properties.nextRoundMatch:eedf6992/-0f85/-4a8a/-9a25/-624eab40ee95.”
var properties = {“nextRoundMatch”:“eedf6992/-0f85/-4a8a/-9a25/-624eab40ee95.”}

and not works.

use the example of nakama and equal

@lukita4141 Note that / and \ are NOT equivalent. Please check how you should use the correct character. Perhaps \\ is the correct way to escape a \ in Godot?

var query = “+properties.nextRoundMatch:eedf6992\-0f85\-4a8a\-9a25\-624eab40ee95.”
var string_pr = {“nextRoundMatch”:“eedf6992\-0f85\-4a8a\-9a25\-624eab40ee95.”}

matchmaker_ticket = yield(
	Server._socket.add_matchmaker_async(query, 2, 4, string_pr),

and not works :frowning:

when commenting it was modified x2 “\” for x1"\"

@lukita4141 The data (properties) should not be escaped, only the query.

keeps failing :frowning:
var query = “+properties.nextRoundMatch:eedf6992\-0f85\-4a8a\-9a25\-624eab40ee95.”
var string_pr = {“nextRoundMatch”:“eedf6992-0f85-4a8a-9a25-624eab40ee95.”}

var string_pr = {“nextRoundMatch”:“eedf69920f854a8a9a25-624eab40ee95.”}