Nakama Healthcheck Rpc

what problem I am facing is even when strictly following Nakama Server Runtime Code Project Setup using Go youtube video, and running it without error it still show the health check option in my API explorer at all.

what can be the possible reason for it?

Hello @Madhav-026

I don’t think I understand the problem you’re having. Could you elaborate a bit more? Why shouldn’t the health check option appear there?

Well the thing is I followed your tutorial as is in the 'nakama runtime with go ’ YouTube video, the issue is unknown to me too that why the health check is not appearing at the. Api explorer. All I want is either a guidance over what could be the possible reasons and also if I can be provided with all the version compatibility for my nakama go unity project that I am working on.

Sir that’s what I am too not able to understand, thats why I contacted you.
Even after following the tutorial exactly.
Also the bucketed leaderboard go package is showing too as unavailable, can you also update me over that too

Thank you clarifying, I got confused by the way you worded the question initially.

About the missing HealthCheck RPC, as you may check here in the code, the function is not added on purpose. There is nothing wrong with your setup in this regard.

Regarding the bucketed leaderboards, could you share the code on how you are registering the function? Here are some additional docs.

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hey Flavio, why is the Bucketed-Leaderboard-go module is unavailable right now