Matchmaker does not find matches

We are trying to implement party matchmaking into our game. However, the we’re not able to yield a match from either regular matchmaking nor from party matchmaking.

The flow we are implementing is:

Client 1->>+Nakama: Create Party
Client n->>+Nakama: Join Party
Client 1->>+Nakama: addPartyMatchmaking
    Client 1->>+Client 1: you're in matchmaking (SuccessCallback)
Nakama->>+Client 1: you're in matchmaking
Nakama->>+Client n: you're in matchmaking

[This part of the flow does not work.]
Nakama->>+Client 1: you have a match (id, token)
Nakama->>+Client n: you have a match (id, token)
Client 1->>+Nakama: Join Match (id, token)
Client n->>+Nakama: Join Match (id, token)

For party matchmaking we call the API like this:
RTClient->addMatchmakerParty(partyID, "*", 2, 4, {}, {}, SuccessCallback, ErrorCallback);

Parties are created and populated without any issues. To isolate the issue we also tried to use the matchmaker without parties like this:
RTClient->addMatchmaker("*", 2, 4, {}, {}, SuccessCallback, ErrorCallback);
Which also does not yield a match.

This behaviour is consistent throughout all client librares we’re using (cpp, js and a selfmade Go “lib”)

Is there anything we’re missing here?

How long do you wait for a response from the matchmaker? Have you changed any of the server configuration for the matchmaker?

see: Configuration - Heroic Labs Documentation

Hi Mo, thanks for your reply. The behaviour is the same with default values and modified ones.

We found the wildcard to be the culprit. Once we were using mutually exclusive properties like in the tests for the matchmaker it works. However, we also found the test to fail once the query is set to the wildcard value. Something doesn’t seem to be right there.

I see ok - @mkieweg what version of Nakama are you using? v3.9.0?

That’s correct, Nakama v3.9.0 and fwiw for Unreal the cpp client v2.5.0

Ok thanks - this looks like it’s fixed and will be part of the next release: Improve behaviour of match-all query strings. (#715) · heroiclabs/nakama@f65cd46 · GitHub

Good to know. Thanks!

Any thoughts on when a new release would be due?

Hi @calimonk - we are just finalising a couple of other PRs and we’ll do a final release before EOY (~15th Dec).

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