Ludo: Animal Heroes

Hello All,
We have just soft launched “Ludo: Animal Heroes” on iOS and Android which is a game. The game is soft launched in EU and Canada so you may not be able yet to find it on your appropriate stores.

Features of the Nakama it uses:

  • Authentication
  • Storage
  • In-app verification
  • Authoritative multiplayer
  • Leaderboards
  • In-app notifications

Additional services used:

  • ByteBrew - for analytics
  • IronSource/UnityAds for Ads

Whole game logic is fully implemented in Lua. For communication and packet handling it uses messagePack. There are some missing features which are currently being further developed, improved.
Currently two modes are available:

  • Match Maker ( Adventure )

  • Friendly Battles

  • Additional “mode” versus AI is available, which is offline, doesn’t require creation of the match server sides… Consider this as practice mode.

In-front there is api gateway for managing connections to the different regions.
The Nakama server (currently v3.17.1) runs on a Digital Ocean droplets.
For database It uses a managed PostgreSQL 15 database cluster also on Digital Ocean.


iOS ( Link visible only on device atm):


Why this app is not available in India?

We are still developing a set of features, and ironing out bugs and what not, before we launch it there :slight_smile:

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