Rummy Fans ! Real-time multiplayer game

Hi !! :partying_face:
I wanted to share my new game with you guys :wink: - this is my first game using Nakama!

Rummy Fans for Android
Rummy Fans for iOS

The game is like the classic and well-known Gin Rummy. This is an online multiplayer game, so you can play with your friends in real-time! :slight_smile:

Frameworks used:

  • cocos2d 3.17.2.
  • Nakama Server
  • SDKBOX: Facebook, Apple, Ads

Hope you can enjoy it :wink:
P.S.: On Android, there’re problems logging into Facebook. I don’t have Android, if anyone can help me (at least sending me some logcat log) it would be helpful !

Other comments are also welcome! - Take into account that this is the first version, probably there’re a lot of things to improve!


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@tranthor Huge congrats! Nice work, I’ll download it and give any feedback I can. Definitely we need a showcase section to the forum for posts like these. :tada:

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@tranthor thanks for showing your work! Great to see what members of the community can accomplish with Nakama :slight_smile:

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New Update!

  • Facebook Login now works on Android
  • Network exceptions added on AndroidManifiest (some Androids had connection problems to the server).
  • Design adaptations (view/design problems on Galaxy S20 and iPhone X has been fixed)
  • Minor fix on EMail Input text


@tranthor I have some small feedback for you as a player :smile:

  • I think it would really help to have an FTUE (First Time User Experience) which shows the important parts of a Rummy game. This would be in addition to the instructions which can be read. A lot of players learn with a visual experience rather than a textual one and lots of people don’t know the game of Rummy!
  • It would be fun to see some kind of daily tasks or daily goals to play through which could be notified with local notifications on the device each day. It’s a fun way to bring the player back and encourage their mental agility for the gameplay!
  • A way to help the game achieve more users is to prompt the player to invite their friends via a tool like Adjust or Branchio. These SDKs can provide text, email, or social network friendly links that a player can share with their personal network to invite more users into the game.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @novabyte !
Nice feedback. I’m working on other issues now - but I will take a look at these improvements asap.


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