ListGroupsAsync API doesn't allow combining filters


I’m trying to list all open groups where the name matches a user-defined search criteria, but I’m getting an error whenever I try to combine the name filter with the ‘open’ requirement as such:

client.ListGroupsAsync(conn.session, name: $"{searchCriteria}%", open: true, limit: 20);

The following exception is thrown:

ApiResponseException(StatusCode=400, Message='name filter cannot be combined with any other filter', GrpcStatusCode=3)

If I understand the documentation correctly, this should be allowed: Heroic Labs Documentation | Groups

If I only use one criteria, no exception is thrown.

As a workaround I’m using client-side filtering of the results, so it’s not a critical issue, but would be nice to clarify whether this is the intended behavior or just a bug :slight_smile:

  • Nakama 3.18.0 (via Docker), TS
  • Unity3D SDK: 3.9.0

Hello @Theo-Rapidfire,

This behavior is by design, the documentation states:

The name filter is case insensitive and mutually exclusive to the reminder filters.

If the name filter is used, it cannot be combined with the other filters.

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Oh wow, I’m blind. Thanks! I’ll stick with the client-side filtering then.