LeaderboardRecordsHaystack expects string

Hello I have an issue when I try to access users leaderboard data.
League id and userId is valid. (Actually it’s a tournament. But it’s the same with nk.tournamentRecordsHaystack)
And it’s working with version 3.12. But it doesn’t work in any later version. (3.13,3.14,3.15)

  1. Versions: Nakama 3.13,3.14,3.15, Docker
  2. Server Framework Runtime language : TS
  try {
      let recordList = nk.leaderboardRecordsHaystack(leagueId, dummyUserId, 1, 0)
  } catch (error) {
      logger.error(JSON.stringify((error as Error).message))

//"msg":"\"expects string\""

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Sorry guys. Your document is outdated. With version 3.13, method have new parameter as cursor. You should update docs asap. Thank you

Thanks for pointing it out, we’ll fix the documentation. @gabriel

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Hi @Faircyan,

The function reference and release notes both include the addition of the cursor parameter since 3.13. Could you let me know where in the docs it is missing and we can get it updated.

Thanks for your help!