How to integrate push notification in React Native with Nakama

Hey !
I’m a React Native developer and I’m new with Nakama. My mobile application is built in React Native technology.
In my application in-app notification is already integrated with Nakama but can you please assist me how to integrate push notification with Nakama in the app ?
Thanks !

Hello @Anuj,

If you have a look at our LiveOps solution Satori, it includes support for sending push notifications.

For sending push notifications via Nakama, we usually recommend integrating with a 3rd party provider such as OneSignal.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply @sesposito
Can I also use any other third party SDK for push notification with Nakama like FCM ?

@Anuj depending on what SDKs FCM offers and what runtime you’re using, you might be able to pull it into the runtime, but if not you can always use REST calls to their API directly, so you can absolutely use FCM or other providers.