How to find group chat message by it's messageId?

Hello. I would like to know if it is possible to get a specific message by it’s id?
I want to add special “vote message”: users can tap on the buttons in that message to vote and message should be updated (show votes count).

As I understand, a message on client can only be updated by the sender of that message. So I want to update it on server via RPC and also start a coroutine on client to check the updates. But there is no function like “GetMessageByID” to get updated message. It’s too expensive to get a list of all chat messages every second and search for specific message.

Can you help with it? Thanks.

Hello @electricpunch, there is no function to retrieve a message by its id.
As an alternative simpler option to achieve that, instead of updating the message, you could bind each message to a supplementary label next to it that will display the vote count separately. Do you think that works for you?