How to Connect Nakama Client (on unity) to a linux VM instance

i’ve created an instance that runs on a linux virtual matchine
i’ve also installed cockroachdb and nakama on that vm and started the node and nakama server there
i’m using oracle cloud infrastructure, i added security list to it to be able to access it through internet and now when try access it through the internet it shos me my server like this :

and now i dont know to to connect to this ???
i have the client in using and it doesn’t connect to it

and when i run it, it shows me this error

where is the issue and how should i fix it ??

i also added the nakama port 7350, and the dashboard 7351 to the security list to have access to them through oci cloud and now the dashboard looks like this

and i changed the nakama public address to my public ip and still no luck please help