Getting started with Nakama

How do I start developing with Nakama?

It’s easy - you’ll first need to install it on your development machine. It’s straightforward and takes just a few minutes. In this guide we’re going to focus on installing your Nakama development instance using Docker.

For production settings, we recommend that you install Nakama as a binary to ensure all system resources are available to Nakama.

There is a single, minimal Nakama image that contains the Nakama binary. The basic format is:

docker run heroiclabs/nakama <command> [options]

Installing Nakama using Docker is ideal for a few reasons, including:

  • you install to a pristine environment
  • you get everything you need in one go, including CockroachDB
  • you can take snapshots, re-install and remove Nakama without affecting your primary operating system.
  • It also means that the installation instructions are the same whether your development machine runs Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Read more on how to get started here: