How do I disconnect players after 60 seconds of inactivity rather than the 15 seconds default

i want server 60 sec for disconnect socket . Develop poker game when player minimize game it wait 60sec to disconect . currently it disconnect after 15 sec

You can control the server’s tolerance for idle and unresponsive connections through the socket configuration. Start by adjusting the ping_period_ms and pong_wait_ms values.

–socket.ping_period_ms 15000 --socket.pong_wait_ms 55000
use this but still its disconnect after 15 sec

Make sure you also adjust the client socket settings. If you’re using the Unity client this would be the PingPongManager.

Also check any proxy or load balancer you may have put in front of Nakama. If that stops the connection early there’s nothing the server can do, so start there.