How do I connect to my server?

Hi there!

So I’m new to all this networking and multiplayer game dev so bare with me please.

I have nakama setup on my test machine for servers and want to connect my unity project to it.

Is it as simple as just changing the connection variables in the connection script to match the server machines (ip address, port, scheme) or do I need to do something with docker-compose file? Or am I dumb and I shouldn’t even be doing this?

Thanks again! If it takes a few hours for me to respond my work has terrible reception so I apologize in advance!

Hello and welcome @jhmauritz.

Yes, changing the variables should be enough to connect to the server, and using docker-compose is absolutely a viable option.

If the server is publicly available you should configure SSL as well, otherwise your connections to it won’t be secure.

Mind that although you can configure SSL on Nakama, this is not recommended for production enviroments.

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