How can I maintain multiplayer game state in Unity?

i’m developing turn based multiplayer board game. i want to maintain game state in server when player left room and rejoin room player will get game state from server.


You can use Authoritative Multiplayer to maintain the game state
when the player join the game dispatch the state of the game to him

function M.match_join(context, dispatcher, tick, state, presences)
// dispatcher the state to the player joined the match here 
  return state
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actually i saw this but i’m very beginner to nakama i don’t understand this where i have to write this script and how i call this script from unity3d


What language did you decide to use Lua , Typescript or Golang?

i’m completely blank on server side scripting. which is easy you suggest me i’ll learn

I will try to make my explanation easy and not very technical

Lua and Javascript
(+) It will guard against poor programming that could cause "index out of range" and other kinds of error that cause a panic in your code.
(-) Relatively slower than go (this doesn’t mean it is SLOW)
(-) some features are not available (will be added soon, like process events but you still can use go for that part)

(-) if you don’t make hight quality code you can crash your server (you need testing skills)
(+) performance better than LUA & Javascript
(+) more features as the server built in Go

Side notes: you can not call go function from lua or Javascript and vice versa, check below for more about this

for more about the difference between LUA & GO

To learn Nakama I suggest to read the full documentation (it may take you a day or less but you will benefit more and you will understand the things discussed in the forum)

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