Google Play authentication godot (but should apply to any engine)

I am using Godot and currently have a plugin that allows me to log into Google Play Services (the one that has the banner come up on the top of the screen).

This returns some user data like this
{displayName:Jake Sparrow,, id:409554710058764681151}

I tried using authenticate_google_async() but that didnt work so I moved to authenticate_custom_async. This now will create and account but all I am doing is essentially passing the google play ID that was returned to me from the google play login. This poses an obvious security risk.
Anyone with someone elses ID can login to their account, this ID is the same across different games, ive checked.

I dont exactly know where to go with this. What we ideally want to do is have the user open up the app, auto log in to google play services and that starts the auth process, and logs them in. All this should be automatic and only take a few seconds at most.

Anyone know a better way to achieve this than what we are currently doing?

This may be a bug in the Godot SDK. Can you please post a minimal example together that demonstrates the problematic code and example and post it as an issue here: