Go runtime modules not working! "plugin was built with a different version of package"

I can’t run go modules using latest server version 2.11.1 and go 1.14.1 the “plugin was built with a different version of package” keeps popping although I did exactly as described in the go_sample_module readme page


This has been covered already in this topic. Please try searching the forums for your problem before creating a new thread.

I’ve already read this topic before with no help.

Please read it again, the exact post I linked you to resolves your specific issue.

I’ve downgraded Nakama to v2.11.0 so this was not working. Now after upgrading to v2.11.1 its working but not quite straightforward like in the linked answer.
I had to remove all Nakama-common folders from cache and pkg folders and then follow the original guid in nakama-common repository until before the build step and then continued from the linked answer and finally got a matching go.sum file that resulted in a successful build.