How to Deployment Nakama with Kubernetes

Can Nakama work with Kubernetes (k8s) ? Please suggest solution for me.

Why cannot reply me ?

@b-thanapat You can absolutely deploy Nakama on Kubernetes, but we cannot provide general direct help with this.

A good starting point would be the standard docker-compose.yml file which will give you an idea of the containers you’d need to run. Also have a look at the installation documentation.

Hello, it would be useful for adoption if you help a little bit with deployment on main platform

Hi both, deploying and running a production Nakama setup depends heavily on your unique infrastructure and usage of Nakama’s features.

As per outlined in our Community Guidelines, we can assist you over email, so that we can keep the community forums for discussions on learning and using Nakama.

If you would like more information on Nakama Enterprise, Heroic Cloud or assistance deploying or scaling Nakama please email