Sharing my open source turn-based game made with Nakama and TypeScript

I made a game that uses Nakama with both client and server on JavaScript/TypeScript.
It has kind of turn-based multiplayer model.
The purpose of the game is to make funny poems in collab with other players.
The project is open source.
Follow this link for more details:
Please, feel free to send your questions or suggestions.


@pi-kei I tried to play the game but nothing happens after clicking Start button.
Doest this require minimum 16 play to start?


To start you need 2 players at least. But it’s not interesting to play when there’re only two players. It is recommended to have at least 4 players. Also every game match is a private match. No one see your match until you invite someone by sharing the link to your match

Okay, got it. I will try to check it out with others.

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