Does socket connection get closed/invalidated if the refresh token expires?

I have multiple questions for which docs aren’t really that helpful:

  1. Does socket connection gets closed/invalidated if the refresh token expires ?(I know session token expiry doesn’t affect socket)
  2. Does refreshing session token also refreshes the refresh token? (from source code, it doesn’t look like it does and one needs to re-auth to refresh that)
  3. Would you recommend keeping the refresh token’s expiry time more than that of session token’s ?

Hello @demon,

  1. No the socket connection is unaffected.
  2. Currently the refresh token is not refreshed, there’s an open issue to change this so we’ll address it in the future.
  3. Usually yes, the refresh token should be longer lived than the session token so that the user can refresh for some time after the session has expired.