Does Matckmaking work with client in background?

I’m using the Unity SDK to match two players together. This seems to work fine when two clients are running but if I start matchmaking on one app and then put it into the background and then start matchmaking on the other app, the two players don’t seem to become matched until the other player puts their app back into the foreground again. I’m wondering whether the Nakama Unity SDK automatically disconnects the socket when the app goes into the background and hence cancels the match making tickets ? I’ve just release my game on the iOS app store and I only have 200 daily active users so far and I’m getting zero matches according to my firebase statistics. I can understand why a match might not be immiedaitely found but I’d have thought that if they put the app into the background and did some other activiites then eventually a match would be found and they’d receive a push notification.

Hello @Spuddy,

The matchmaker is designed for online matchmaking only, and it expects the user to have a realtime connection to the server. If the App is put into the background then the OS itself will kill the websocket, and the user will automatically be removed from the matchmaking pool.

If you want to do offline matchmaking, you should use Storage Search instead.

Hope this helps.