Different between lua with ts and Go

in Go and ts we have some functions like "registerBeforeGetAccount " ,“registerAfterGetAccount” and alot of before after functions , in lua we have not any of those
1.Is there any way to accese before after funcions in lua?

i hate docker so much (for using alot of resources! ram cpu etc…) ,
(nakama is complex pls add more tutorial for compile it without docker and explain all of those before after functions . in namaka there is no help commet in code and no help in documents)

I want to compile my ts function without using docker and export
nakama sorurce and ts funtions to windows server program and linux server program
2.How can i export/compile those together to exe and linux?

Appreciate any help

Hi @jsonberg215,

Before and After Hooks are supported in the Lua runtime as documented in our Nakama Documentation.

If you are having difficulty navigating or finding information in our documentation please do let us know so that we can improve it going forward.