Data Storage migration

I’m currently using Nakama and I’m considering migrating my data storage from Nakama’s default database to a custom database with a SQLite-based schema or Self-hosted Nakama. How can I accomplish this?

Versions: Nakama 3.1.7, Nakama Enteprise

Hello @marcusfuu,

Nakama is designed to work with CockroachDB and PostgresSQL, some of the under-the-hood queries may not work using other databases.

If you’re on Heroic Cloud and require a data export please contact us at specifying your project and we’ll provide you with a database dump.

So in the future there could be a scenario where we will be migrating over to the existing Cockcroach DB that you guys are using to rqlite. Rqlite is based off SQLite so I’m just wondering on the compatibility on the schemas.

Can we continue using Nakama cloud enterprise being the backbone and configure it to use external database storage? If we could, what are the steps required?

We only guarantee compatibility with CockroachDB and PostgresSQL.

I’m not familiar with Rqlite, but glancing at the docs it seems like it’s not wire compatible with PostgresSQL, this alone makes it impossible to use with Nakama, regardless of schema or query compatibility.

What is the motivation to move to something SQLite based?