Custom credential and user storage system

I have spent some time evaluating Nakama for use on a project that me and a small team of devs have built for research. Currently we are using modded minecraft to accomplish our goals with it’s server client setup using a docker container for our server. We’re looking to possibly transition to a Unity Client -Docker Server setup which Nakama can help accomplish. I would just want to know how possible it would be to swap the credential and user storage system on the Nakama server side while retaining all of it’s compatibility and usability with the unity tools.

Hello @Jon-Rey, can you clarify what you meant with

swap the credential and user storage system


Yeah of course! Apologies for being unclear initially.

In the docker image for Nakama it requires the cockroachdb dependency. I was wondering how doable it would be to swap over to another db that would be preferred for use with our team.

As for the credential system I’m not 100% sure but my co-worker was curious about a custom credential system that would make users login and be tied to profiles and such. I don’t know what he meant by “custom
credential system” but i assume it would be probably reusing some kind of frontend we already have to communicate and login to the game via api through Nakama.

If you need more clarification I will expand more as needed!

Hello @Jon-Rey,

Nakama is compatible with Postgres and any Postgres-compatible database. There’s even a docker-compose to spin up Nakama with Postgres.

If by “credential system” you mean authentication provider, Nakama supports linking user accounts to external providers or custom identifiers, please see our authentication section in the docs.

Hope this helps.

Perfect, That’s just what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!