Data object is not a JSON object

As PoC I’m trying to write a tic-tac-toe client with React.
For the server I’m using nakama-project-template as is, not changes

Player 1: is your svelte/phaserjs client and the data property of the OnMatchData messages is JSON object

Player 2: uses my javascript client (a React app). In this client tho the data property of the OnMatchData messages is not a deserialised in JSON but it’s a Uint8Array()

In my React code I use the nakama.js client (copied from xoxo-phaserjs/nakama.js at main · heroiclabs/xoxo-phaserjs · GitHub) Any idea of what is wrong in my client code?

Hey @scott4dev UInt8Array is the correct data structure – the phaserjs client needs to be updated to the most recent release.

@lugehorsam my tic-tac-toe client is pure a React application (no PhaserJS)

I solved the issue by downgrading, in my tic-tac-toe react app, @heroiclabs/nakama-js from the latest (2.4.1) version to the same one used in xoxo-phaserjs (2.1.5)