Customise group chat message for joining group

When a player joins a group, a chat message is sent to the group channel with the ID of the new player. I would like to add the display name of the player to this message so it can be displayed without needing an additional call on the server to fetch the player’s name.
Can a ‘before hook’ achieve this?

@DaveOak We don’t have a way to customize that message right now. It’s one of the few messages that are automatically sent by the server which cannot be easily modified. It would be good to extend the server to make sure that the display_name and username field are included. Can you open a request for the change?

I’m also curious whether you’d want display_name or username in your game logic. The username per player is unique but the display_name can be the same for different users so it might be harder to disambiguate if you use the display_name in the chat channel?

We currently only have a non-unique display name, which is predominantly taken from players Facebook names. In a smaller number of cases it is the Google Play or Apple Sign-in display name. It is possible for players to have thew same name, but it hasn’t proved an issue so far.