Creating a Database Table or Storage Object with a list of Words with Definitions; to be accessed by all users

I’m trying to create a reference table containing words and definitions, for a word game that I’m building, and was hoping to use Nakama’s storage/database capabilities to create it. I would also need it to be query-able by all users. Is this possible with Nakama?

Hi @hidemat,

This is absolutely something you could achieve using Nakama’s Storage Engine capabilities.

You can read up on Storage Engine Access Controls here: Access controls - Heroic Labs Documentation

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Thank you very much! Is it possible to create indices or to perform searches on stored objects? Like for example search for the word “cat” in the Definition field.

Yes you can create custom indexes that look at a field inside the Definition field in the Value column. Have a read of Postgres GIN: Indexing in PostgreSQL and applying it to JSONB | by Galangkangin Gotera | Medium