Create match on startup

Hello. Like the title says, is it possible to create a match when the server starts? Atm im creating in on the first player connecting to the server. Would love to have a match running so the first player dont get disconnected due to timeout


Hi @gruset,

Could you provide more details? What is the setup that is resulting in a timeout?

I only use one match for every player to connect to. So once the first player connects to the server, hes login event triggers the match to start. It takes a while for the server to start. Alot of io etc. Once the server is up and running every player can connect without any problems.

This is probobly not such a big deal, because one match could be running for weeks without restart. But it would be nice for me as developing the server to not having to login twice the first time :slight_smile:

Hello @gruset,

The server framework only allow you to extend the behaviour of RPC functions through hooks, not the initialization of the server.

However, I think you could rely on the InitModule to achieve your objective. Here is a code sample that could provide some insights.