Couple of question related to documentation and serializing format

  1. We are evaluating the serializing data format for the product, since Nakama support protobuf out of the box, we are inclined toward that, but we also want to make sure to support only one format. Its possible to switch the API like chat system to use the protobuf? So far its look like it support json only.
  2. Matchmaking API mention count multiple I am not able to find this api in unity client library (3.4.0)
  3. I couldnt find any documentation related to about registry access (nakama/core_user.go at e4cd2cee393e6eef5232b29cf67ec59a36362003 · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub)
    access, it’s possible to access these APIs ?
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Hello @sslila,

  1. HeroicLabs provides multiple SDKs that abstract the generated code of the protobuf. It should be more convenient than generating the client yourself.
  2. The function needs to be updated thank you for pointing it out
  3. Accessing account information can be done using the following functions (currently, we provide runtimes for Go, Lua, and TypeScript)


Hey Flávio,
Thanks for replay.

  1. On this, my question was more in line with using one serializing format for all the API. As an example, unity client library for chat only support the JSON for sending the message. It’s possible to support profobuf ?
  2. We wanted to roll out some custom user API, looking at existing server code of yours, I can see use of in memory data, for example if user is online or not. My question is that these registries / in memory data API is exposed ?