Could not read storage objects on first read of collection

So I’m trying to read from the storage engine

data, err := nm.StorageRead(ctx, []*runtime.StorageRead{{
	Collection: "user_data",
	Key:        "myKey",
	UserID:     userId,

Where the userID is fetched further up via the context in an RPC call. However I get an error when doing this, and it is of note that I have nothing in any collection currently.

  1. Versions: nakama:3.17.0 docker image, CockroachDB image tag: latest-v20.2
  2. Server Framework Runtime language (If relevant) Go


servermodules-nakama-1       | {"level":"error","ts":"2023-08-14T21:39:21.262Z","caller":"server/core_storage.go:494","msg":"Could not read storage objects.","error":"cannot convert [user_data] to Text"}

I looked at the source and I’m guessing this is from reading the rows? I’m not quite sure as all tutorials don’t show initializing collections, and read exactly the way I am here. Not quite sure what’s going on.

I’ll beat you all to it and answer my own question, the issue I guess is a bug in CRDB and the docker-compose image tag is real old.

I went from v20.2 → v22.2 and it fixed it.