Compile server code?


I want to start a multiplayer project, but with the idea that users could host their own dedicated server, so basically they will need to mount their own nakama server with my server logic code, i was thinking to do the logic with Lua, but this means the user could change the logic since is not compiled, i was wondering if is there any way to compile the code and just distributed as binary , probably using Go instead?

any suggestions? or if is not possible at all

@hgouveia Welcome :wave:

Sure, the server already supports code written in Go as a server language. Have a look at this README on how to do it.

Also have a look at this GitHub Gist which covers a Docker workflow that makes local development a little easier for game teams who are familiar with Docker:

The approach that is recommended for server development does not require the server itself to be rebuilt but instead you would write your custom game logic and compile it to a “plugin” (a shared object) which is loaded by the game server at startup.

Hope this helps.

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thanks, @novabyte this is really great and great samples!

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@hgouveia We also have a full project template for the layout of server logic with the game server which is still a work in progress so we’ve not open-sourced it but would be useful to your project I think. I’ve attached it to this thread as a download (renamed the file extension so the upload is allowed). Hope it helps. (30.6 KB)