Checking match state without joining

I’m using an RPC with match_list(…) to display a simple “match list” (in Godot) through which the user can join a match. However, all I can really display is the label. It works but there are many cases where the match must reject a user’s join attempt and all I can really do at the moment is give them an error.

What I really want is access to that match’s state (without joining it) so I can display useful/necessary info in the list, most importantly:

  • Whether the game has started
  • How many players there are in the match
  • Whether the current user was in the game when it started (so it’s clear they can reconnect)
    I can get all that info from the match state so how do I access it from outside the match?

@Shikadi You can’t access that information outside of the match state lifecycle of the match handler itself. The data is private so that information does not implicitly leak into the API which could be queried and abused by game clients (i.e. bad actors). If you want to expose information from the state to the outside of the match itself you should pack the information into the match label.

Hope this helps.