Can MatchState be obtained externally?

Can MatchState be obtained externally? I want to use Nakama to easily know the equipment information of players participating in each game and change the equipment backpack information of each player using Unreal Launcher DS.

What I currently think of is to store matchstate in the global map. Or let ds also be used as part of the Presence of match. What is the appropriate method?

Please do not use global state, this is bad practice and may cause concurrency issues or not work at all depending on the runtime being used.

I’m not familiar with Unreal Launcher DS but if this is an external system it should likely connect to the match and receive/send any updates via regular match messages as any other participant.

However, if there are many matches, many DSs need to be connected to the corresponding matches. Do you need to apply for a temporary account for each DS, log in to nakama first, and then connect to the corresponding matches? @sesposito

i build an administration site that is able to get a “sneak peek” of the match (i.e. the whole matchState) and shows that informations to the admins.

I did this by building an rpc that utilises matchSignal. In my typescript backend code it looks like this:

in my experience i found that the request is very very quick, but as i understood the api, you are able to get your matchLoop stuck if you write bad code here. so i just kept it very simple.

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thanks. it matches