BroadcastMessage with large message


I’m using Authoritative Nakama in Go and trying to send a Go-side generated map (diamond square algorithm), something like a matrix of 300x300, nothing big but it still fails (broken pipe) with dispatcher BroadcastMesage (reliable), I’ve digged a bit the code behind

Anyway do you have any recommendations to do that ? Don’t really like the idea of something custom sending multiple packets with part of the map …
I previously generated the map on client side but that’s not really let’s say “optimal”.

PS: my protobuf message:

// Server sending some information on the current state before starting
message MatchInformation {
    // TODO: some state config
    // TODO: map data
    protometry.volume.Box region = 1;
    Matrix map = 2;
    int64 seed = 3;
message Matrix {
    // packed: see
    repeated Array cols = 1;
message Array {
    repeated double rows = 1 [packed=true];

@louis030195 It would help to know the exact error message you get (the full log line if possible), and the byte size of the encoded message. Can you share these details?

In general streaming a larger state in small chunks is a valid - often preferred even - pattern, especially when used in an initial state sync for new players joining a match. After the initial sync you would typically send small updates to keep the client up to date with the latest changes on the server.