Dispatcher's broadcast message occasionally doesn't work (Authoritative Match)


I’ve been dealing with a weird issue in which sometimes, the dispatcher.broadcast_message doesn’t work. I did put some logger_infos before and after it and they are printed properly, but the message isn’t sent. If it helps, the message is needed to be broadcasted in the end of every match_join and match_leave call. Is there any fix for this?

This may be totally not a reason for it, but does it maybe have something to do with the message length? I tried experimenting with max_message_size_bytes in the config, but not I’m sure about it.

i think we need an example to reproduce this bug

Please, share some code with us.
I would suggest to print presences parameter of dispatcher.broadcast_message in logger_info just before the call. When something weird is happenning, the bug can be hiding somewhere, where you just do not look for it. Maybe the presences is malformed or smth like that.


We aren’t aware of any issues with the dispatcher, max_message_size_bytes would matter only if the messages sent are above the default of 4096 bytes. Are you not seeing any errors in the server logs?