Auth token invalid even if it is valid

We increased session_expiry_sec and session_refresh_expiry_sec to enormous 90 and 180 days (!) on our server configuration. I use Session.Restore to restore session from player’s local storage (PlayerPrefs). If session restores successfully I don’t try to authenticate user.

This is what I got yesterday:

But the problem is that my Auth and Refresh tokens are NOT expired, the are valid:

As far as I investigated, the issue is that when restarting server all active auth and refresh tokens become invalid.
Yes, I can instead of restoring session from device’s local storage just go through authentication process one more time, but isn’t that wrong that restarting server causes invalidity of players’ sessions?
I see that I am not the only one who faced this issue, so I will also report this to your GitHub issues.

If you have any workaround or you’r planning to fix that in upcoming updates please let me know. Thank you!

Hello @UmarBhatPlaystrom,

This will be addressed in the next release planned for this month.


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i fixed it by making that check to the “sessionCache” configurable. PR here