Match create param docs (max size match)

I been searching about max size match, because when I use this example:

Its creating me a match with only 1 max player, when I try to connect another player give match is full.

I readed the docs here about match create:

and the parameter params is a map, and I cannot find docs about the parameters accepted in this param.

TLDR I need to set maxPlayers to > 1 when use

nk.matchCreate('supermatch', {});

Hey @rsmaximiliano Nakama matches do not enforce a max size by default. Can you share the exact error you receive about the match being full?

Yes! Sorry for the late response.

An error occurred: NakamaException(StatusCode={5}, Message='{match full}', GrpcStatusCode={-1})

Oh bro, sorry, Its my bad… When you confirmed to me the max size not being 1, I look the code and figured out that the limit is in the code.

	// Check if match is full.
	if len(s.presences)+s.joinsInProgress >= 2 {
		return s, false, "match full"

Commented that if block and worked like a charm!

Sorry for the mistake.

Thank you!