Anti-cheat alternatives

Hello there,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this but i figured i’ll give it a go.

Im wondering if nakama has features that would prevent players from cheating? For instance, my game is very vulnerable against botting. I assume its not taking care of this by default, and maybe it doesn’t have any features against it. Then im curious, how would botting be prevented in a 2d MMORPG where grinding monsters to gain level is a thing?

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Detecting malicious or botting behavior requires logic thats very specific to your game mechanics. I think that it’s not up to Nakama (the framework) to do so for you. Also deciding about a ban, that’s also completly up to you.

You can use Cloudflare as a proxy (can confirm this works like a charm) and set specific rules there (i.e. bot net detection, …). Maybe the Heroic Cloud has something in that matter, but i dont know.