Warframe Type Game

Hi, I decided to create Warframe-like game. Basicly a 3d looter-shooter. I know Warframe uses peer2peer connections to handle users. I want to use peer2peer too (client relayed multiplayer) but still some questions. First of all can I use client relayed multiplayer with authoritative multiplayer? Basicly;

Physics, collisions, player locations, in-game events => Client Relayed
Items, database, drops, rewards => Authorative

And can I detect players using hacks with this system? Maybe noclip hacks etc. And will damaging to enemies, bosses use client or server side? (calculation of damage-types, critical chances etc.)

I will go with client relayed solution because I have no invesment on servers right now so player handling their matches will be better. Andwill go with server-side (Authorative) for calculations (damages drops), handling rewards etc.

But I’m still afraid of some hacker will come and get their own custom drops by byte-editing (or any other way) reward drop mechanic since matches handled in client-side. Any way to prevent this? Or antihack solutions like easy anti cheat will be better?