Two different Custom Auth services

I’m trying to use two different external services for authentication purposes.
I can easily authenticate user, with authentication (there are some examples so its simple),
and I also created authenticate method for GOG auth.

So I have two accounts that uses two different authentication methods.
But how I can link those two accounts into one?
How not override one authentication with other?
DeviceIDs field is array with many ids of single user. But customID is not. How to work with that?

Hi @jaggred,

The approach we suggest is repurposing the device ID auth. Use the device authentication and add a prefix to differentiate your custom ids (for the itch method, the id could be “itch:yourid”) and also prefix the standard device id (“device:yourid”), so device ID auth keeps working as is.
That way you can support multiple different auths by reusing the device ID field.