System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocketException: invalid properties

I get thrown this:
System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocketException: invalid properties
when using AddMatchmakerAsync but the communication between the client and the nakama server is intact.
What are the possible reasons behind this exception when thrown by AddMatchmakerAsync ?
(I don’t think that code is public to debug)

Hello @demon,

Please check the server logs as they may give more meaningful information on the error.

There’s no error or exception in the server logs unfortunately. :frowning:

Can you share the code of how you’re using AddMatchmakerAsync that’s leading to this issue?

I can but it only started happening after I added one more parameter/config in matchlisting/matchcreate and it only happens once i.e., if the match for that criteria is not found and needs to be created, this will happen while the match will also get created but after the match has been created ONCE, if any other player tried searching for a match with same criteria, it won’t happen. In fact, the first player for whom the match was created backs out and tries to find the same match again, this won’t happen.

In short, it only happens for the (first)player for whom a new match is created due to lack of available matches or matching criteria/filters.

The parameter I talked about earlier is player skill and is range based and uses boost. By range I mean matches that are marked for skills in a specific range.

Is it possible that the timeout period is just small enough that Nakama’s reply doesn’t reach before AddMatchmakerAsync task fails ?(I don’t know the implementation so I maybe talking rubbish here).

I say “small enough” because the player gets into the match but this function fails on C# side, which means Nakam server is fine.

It’s very difficult to help without seeing your code, it would also be helpful if you could provide the SDK and Nakama versions you’re using.

All of the Nakama core and dotnet SDK are open-source so you can debug the issue.

Alternatively you could set up a test in the dotnet SDK to reproduce it and we can have a look at it.

Never mind it is my fault. Let’s call this a false positive. Thanks :slight_smile: