Sync game objects that are on the map with all map players

Hello, I want to sync the game objects that are on the map with all map players.

For example, consider “Fall Guys.”

A fan blade is rotating, and it is exactly the same for all map players.

If we consider the position of the player,
we take it from the player, and in the rest of the players, I sync by creating a remote player that is a clone of another player.

But the items on the map are not controlled by any player, so we want to take them and sync them with other players.

1.How do I sync map items?
(A simpler example, for example, a cube must go from position 0, 0, 0 to 0, 10, 0 in all maps, and it must be the same and coordinated in all maps.)

Consider the Battle Royale games
2. How are the positions and types of all these weapons synced (how are they respawned, and how does the change in their position inform the other players)?

For example, I move a rifle from position (0, 0, 0) to (20, 20, 20) and drop it because I found a better weapon.
How should this change be saved, or is it necessary to inform everyone?

Do we have to have several very large arrays so that all weapons are in play on the current map in arrays and any changes to them are saved?

Client is Unity

Thank you very much for your help.

Hey @jsonberg215, you should use match data to pass data between players. For “non-player” or “environmental” objects that need to be synced, like the fan example you mentioned, you can either choose to have the positional values driven on the server, and the clients read from that, or choose a host client to set the environment positions.For any data that needs to be “saved” after the match, you should use our storage engine.